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Find a modern private work space with the virtual service and facilities to support your company needs. We also offer virtual office space for rent packages and hourly conference room rental

StartUp Office Space for Rent

Small office space for rent, with a capacity for 2 people.

Member Services

Fully managed, receptionist, free Wi-Fi, free valet parking, open 24/7 for members, free coffee, tea, and water, 10 meeting room hours per month, 200 black and white prints per month, lounge space with TV, PlayStation, break room with amenities for lunch and other activities, and many networking events and opportunities.

Non-Member Services

Meeting room: Wi-Fi, free valet parking, coffee, tea, and water, and break room with amenities for lunch.

Big Boss Office Space for Rent

3 available offices space for rent with window, 2 available offices without window. Capacity for 3 people.

private office space for rent
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